YOUTH (8-17)
YOUTH (8-17)

Young Youth Sessions

Youth Sessions for 8-17 years

Our Youth Sessions provide a range of activities for young people across our café, games room and outdoor area. These include free play, as well as organised activities such as sports, creative arts & crafts, computing/gaming, KMX bikes, den-building, baking, DJ-ing and dressing up. We also run regular outings and residential trips. 

All Youth Sessions are open access which allows Young People to come and go freely. It is the responsibility of the Young Person to act according to their Parent’s wishes. 

Free water and fruit & veg sticks available during session, as well the opportunity to purchase items from the tuck shop. 

We are led by the people who use our service, seeking feedback and new ideas through engagement surveys and evaluation reports, putting those who attend our sessions at the heart of what we do. 

If we ask what we want to do, Door 84 make it happen. I really enjoy coming to Door 84 because I can make new friends, socialise and take part in cool activities and trips. 


Youth Session Information

A Young Person’s first session is FREE - then just £1 per session.


8-17 Year Olds
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


8-12 Year Olds
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


13-17 Year Olds
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Activity Timetable

27 May

Closed for Spring Bank Holiday

28 May

Closed for Spring Residential

29 May

Closed for Spring Residential

3 June

Volunteer Week Party, DJ’ing, Dancing!

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-17

4 June

National Cheese Day Celebration, Football, DIY Slushies

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-12

5 June

Giant Skipping Ropes, Football, DIY Slushies

5:30-7:30 Ages 13-17

10 June

Rock Painting, Flapjack Baking, KMX Races

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-17

11 June

Fruit Kebabs, DIY Ice cream, Dodgeball

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-12

12 June

Fruit Kebabs, DIY Ice cream, Dodgeball

5:30-7:30 Ages 13-17

17 June

Flag Designing, Spring Crafts, Outdoor Games

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-17

18 June

Badminton, Board Games, DIY DJ’ing

5:30-7:30 Ages 8-12

19 June

Board Games, DIY DJ’ing, Tie Dye Socks

5:30-7:30 Ages 13-17

Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve been so much happier. I come here after a bad week, and it makes it feel like it’s been a good week.


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Both forms can also be completed in session.

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