Community Project Sparks Connections

Our Community Sparks Project has had to adapt in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures. As we have been unable to deliver our normal popular weekly group sessions, our focus has been to continue supporting the members in different ways.

New communication methods have included phone, video chat, doorstep chats, messaging participants, carers and family, as well as providing over 100 activity packs which were researched, planned, sourced, prepared and delivered to group members over the months. We are extremely grateful to Reaching Communities who have funded this project.

A parent of a group member said, “The activity packs that you have given us have really helped. They have made sure my son has had that connection with you – he has kept all the things that you have given him – you’ve been fantastic.”

Delivering the activity packs has given Kath Craigen, Community Sparks Manager, the opportunity to see some of our Group Members from a safe distance “I have cherished the chance to have a chat, catch up, share news; keeping in touch is invaluable during this time.”

The project is currently running adapted services. For project updates please call 01904 623177, email, or follow our Facebook page: Community Sparks at Door 84 (@communitysparks)